UK ham radio licence revalidation figures

Without giving too much about this Radio short article, but I thought it remarkable and appropriate to what Iím currently doing.
The RSGB reports that 61,000 of the approximately 83,000 amateur 2 way Radio licences in Ofcom’s database have been revalidated†

walkie talkie long rangeBy the end of June, all licence holders who have yet to revalidate will have been contacted by Ofcom. If you have not revalidated yet, now is the time to do it.†

Read the RSGB report at†

Ofcom introduced the “Lifetime” licence requiring 5 yearly revalidation in December 2006 but it seems they didn’t set up an automatic mechanism to revoke licences that were not revalidated. All licences issued during the past 8.5 years remain in the database. It is presumed that at some point over the Summer Ofcom will at last revoke the unvalidated licences.

Clearly 61,000 is not the total of UK 2 way Radio amateurs since a large number of people hold multiple licences. Ofcom have been allowing individuals to revalidate two Full licences (old Class A, Class B, Class A/B calls) as well also allowing those who have done the RCF exams to revalidate up to three callsigns (Fnd, Int, Full).

The Essex Ham website shows that validating your licence is a straight-forward procedure. If you experience difficulties or need assistance in processing your licence online, please call Ofcom on 0300 123 1000 or 020-7981 3131.


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