Buyers Guide – Ham Radio Dual Band Walkie Talkies

2 way radiohey! found this blog and wanted to share with most of you, hope you like it

Dayton Hamvention was a big help in this market when a seller setup and sold the Wouxun KG-UVD1P for an unbeliveable price of $75.00.
This dealer sold over 500 two Way Radios in 2 days. This was the start of the Low Cost Dual Band Ht craze.
Several dealers picked up on this sales boom including Hong Kong and China Companies selling on ebay at rock low prices. Hong Kong sellers starting selling these radios for about $5 above cost and because of their large numbers of sales and low prices, dealers in the US had to lower their prices to compete with them.

Now, 3 and 4 years later the sales craze is still going on but its changed some. Hong Kong sellers are still selling at low prices on ebay, US Sellers have raised their prices a little andnot trying to compete with the too low prices of Hong Kong and China sellers.
Buying at a low price is not always saving you money. When you buy from Hong Kong on ebay at the lowest price, you lack the support you reallyneed on these dual band radios. Should you have a problem, you need to send your radio back to Hong Kong, pay the shipping charges which is about $30 one way to Hong Kong and then pay the return shipping from Hong Kong to you.

You may as well toss your radio out and buy a new one, cost is too high to mess with it. One big advantage of buying from a US Dealer is support, when you need service there is no need to send it back to China, you just take care of the problem with the local dealer.
Most US Dealers will replace your radio should you have a problem, this can save you lots of money and give you piece of mind. Saving a few bucks can cost you more money in the future. Same with customer support on programming your Dualband radio, but from a US dealer and always have a way to talk with them on the phone to solve your problems.

Which Dual Band Ht should you buy? With many Chinese companies making these radios now, how do I know which is the best one to buy ? Because most of the Chinese radios are very close to the other brands being sold, some are the same radio just in a different case, most use the same computer control chip so in a way they are all the same.

You may find minor programming menu difference between the brands. If you will notice the menu voice is the same voice talking on most all radios shows you they are using the same chip.
QUALITY – There are 2 chips that are used in these radios, one is what they call the Triditional Chinese Chip and the Non Standard Cheaper Chip. The costs of the Triditional Chip is much higher then the non standard ship so the more expensive dual band ht’s have the better chip and the really low cost Walkie Talkies have the other chip.

The difference between the chips are quality, the Traditional Chip is much better, less intermod and the receiver is much better then on the cheaper chip. What it boils down to is the more you pay for the radio, the beter it is. Baofeng UV-3 and UV-5 use the cheaper chip, the TYT TH-UV3R which is a little more expensive then the Baofeng UV-3R uses the more expensive ship so their radio is a little more expensive but better too.

Wouxun, TYT, Cheidra and QuanSeng Radios use the better chips.
How to Choose your Dual Band Handheld – Its alot like buying a car, you either choose a little more expensive radio for better operation or choose a lower cost radio to save some money. Both qualities of radios are fine, its just what you like. When buying a car most people buy because of Looks and Design followed by color.

Same with Dual Band Handheld Radios, pick the style and looks you like and but it. Many differenet styles and most are around the same price. Some are easier to program by hand but keep in mind, the best way to program you Ht is via computer. This is 2012 and everything is computer controled.
Why spend time punching in the repeater freqs when you can bring it up on your computer and program everything is just a click of a button. Most Ht’s are easy to enter additional freqs by hand. The Chinese English version of their manuals are sometimes difficult to understand but on the internet you can join the forums and get all the help you need.

Many quick short menu quides are available for free on the internet.
I choose to purchase my Dual Band radio from Kight Radio & Electronics. website They are a US Dealer and support is as easy as a phone call. Any warranty work is provided by them if you purchased the radio from them. I have purchased several radios from them and had a problem with one of them and one call fixed the problem, they sent me a new radio to replace my problem one.

They didnt even wait to receive the broken one but sent me a new one the same day I called them. That is Customer Service. I am glad I purchased from them and now from Hong Kong.
Kight Radio also has an office in China and he always has the latest updated news on the newest radios hitting the market. He does ship some of the latest radios from China when he is there but most are shipped from the US Office in Oklahoma. Delivery is fast with them.

Kight Radio owner is married to a Chinese girl so they spend part of the year in China and the other pert in the USA. Its so nice having a direct China contact to learn the latest accurate information. I find most of the forum posts about the new radios are not always correct.
Kight Radio alos has a blog about the Chinese Dual band Radios at website

You can keep up with the latest information in the Newest Chinese Ham Radios there.
Hope this information helped you. Choose a radio you like, buy it and enjoy all the fun at a cost much lower then the major Ham Radio mfgs but be surprised, the proformance is just as good and sometimes better then the Yaesu,Icom and Kenwood expensive radios

Remember ! Spend just a little more and buy one from a US Dealer. Support is important when you need it. Buying from Hong Kong is a throw away radio should you have a problem.

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Employing the VHF Marine Radios

Some of these expert writers on the web are at such a high level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a paperback? well from time to time i like to highlight these first-rate articles and here’s one i found fascinating the other day.

two way radio informationEvery single radio produced has a one of a kind structure plus a patent style that is definitely developed for a specific use.

The radio you hear within your car or the one you have inside your mobile or perhaps the exclusive marine radios, every of them have an exclusive fashion of performing and even features. Nonetheless, their basic characteristics and utility remain exactly the same despite their assorted categorization such as ham radio (amateur radio), digital radios, etc.

A VHF marine radio is generally located in enormous ships as well as other tiny sea really going crafts. These marine radios are mainly made use of for keeping away from collisions as well as summoning a rescue service. They’re mainly utilized to communicate with all the locks, marinas plus the harbors.
These radios function from a mere thirty MHZ into a huge 300 MHZ. Such effective radio methods are primarily used for public security, FM radio, TV, nautical radio transmissions, and also additional. The VHF marine radios are commonly channelized and also every pair of frequencies which might be applied by the radio is assigned certain amounts.

Therefore, an operator does not will need to tune in right into a frequency like 158.60 MHZ merely to phone the coastline guards for specifics or permission to enter. These marine radios transmit their waves identified as the “line of sight” which never ever bend more than the obstructions like massive terrains, earth, and so on.
The productive range of those VHF marine radios is commonly around five miles to about thirty miles, based on their energy output, the antenna along with the condition with the radio. This protection is significantly greater and stronger as than the frequent digital radio coverage and this makes it possible for the marine radios to easily communicate and perform their duties on their typical channels.

All sorts of Walkie Talkies, which include the amateur radio and marine radio systems, are developed depending on the trunking systems. Trunking is primarily a concept in which the radio communication system gives its network access to all its selected clientele by simply revealing their list of lines or also named the frequencies.
Share these frequencies and you are able to directly get connected with the entire network you want. The construction in the trunking system is comparable to the construction of a tree with lots of branches. Thus, when applying a marine radio, you may easily connect with any community you want depending on the frequencies or channels which might be shared together with your clientele or coast guard companies.

So, the next time you go on the cruise or for sailing have the top marine radios along with encounter their varied makes use of.