Vhf Walkie Talkie-So Essential

Without giving too much about this quality 2 way radio piece of writing, but I thought it remarkable and relevant to what I’m currently doing.

Vhf radio is installed in all large ships and most seasoning small crafts.

It serves wide range purposes starting from summoning in case of danger for rescue to communicating with harbors, locks, bridges, and marinas. Although it is also widely used for collision avoidance purposes the main purpose is communication with the land.

It so designed that it has turned to be an excellent combination of transmitter and receiver and only operates on standard National and International frequencies known as channels. The most common channel is Channel 16 at 156.8 MHz is the international ‘distress’ channel.

A modern day two Way Radio not only offers the transmission and receiving facilities but also has additional features. Over the years it has developed the most required Digital Selective Calling capability. Even any basis t can alert other boats or ships just pressing a single button.

More expensive radios offer multiple calling or alerting options. It has a built in hailer which can act as public address system. The most sophisticated radio has keypads for data entry.

Without any doubt a Marine Radio presents the most sophisticated safety equipment or device on board. This radio can deliver a call for assistance at a very quick time and most effectively. It allows the crews on board to listen to the latest weather report and take necessary precautions in case of any oncoming danger well in advance.
You can always find the local authorized Motorola walkie talkie dealer to buy such a precious device or you can opt for online shopping. If anyone plans to sail a few miles off the shore then it is always advisable to buy such valuable equipment for your adequate safety. The majority of the channels of this types of radio are set aside for duplex transmission channels where communication is possible in both directions simultaneously.

Since Boat License Laws vary from state to state in the USA, the criteria for obtaining such license are bit different just considering the local elements. Basically any vessel travelling at a speed at more than 20 Km. per hour, the sailor needs to hold valid license and in case of commercial vehicle irrespective of the speed a license is must.
To obtain a license you will need to have account of your boating experience, completion of standard training courses and meet minimum medical and eyesight standards. Like in Canada any vessel used for recreational purpose the user have to hold a Pleasure Craft Operator Card which in other way is a form of license..In this case also the user has to fulfill some similar criteria as discussed above.

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