The 2 way radios With The Best Features

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For two way radio lovers, there are some really amazing and sleek devices on the market today that will fulfill your ever wish and want. If you are in need of two way radios for sport or recreation or for business or play, the Uniden GMR1235-2 2-Way 12 Mile 2 Pack GMRS/FRS Radios are exactly what you need and some of the bestselling and most popular radios on the market today.

Including two radios in the package and having twenty two channels to choose from, the channel scan/monitor will be a highly useful thing for someone in need of this device. As there are over twenty channels, this can be a great tool for people in businesses where it is important to communicate with a variety of places. For example, if you are the head of a construction company, this will be a great way to be able to contact various road crews and departments that are in need of communication.

With a 12 mile radius, you can effectively reach someone twelve miles away and be heard clearly and crisply. Sounding a roger beep, you can contact people and be contacted in a way that is easy. The Uniden GMR 1234-2 radios are compact in size and so they can easily fit in your pocket or fanny pack or satchel with ease, just like a phone would. Weighing about one bound and eight by nine inches in width and height, this will be a convenient device to carry with you and transport.

Light in weight and bearing an LCD display, these devices will be excellent for you to use as you are on the go and need to communicate with people up to sixty three thousand feet away from you. Take them with you on a camping trip or some other kind of hiking expedition and be secure that you will be able to reach your fellow peers with ease and assurance. With its battery life of up to twenty hours, this product will assure you quality talk time without the pressing need to charge it repeatedly.

Another excellent bestselling two-way radio is the Motorola MR350 35-mile range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way radio pair. This pair of motorola SL4000 walkie talkie ( has an exceptional 35 mile range and sports 22 channels, as well, each of them bearing 121 privacy codes for superior interference protection. This is perfect for policemen or security guards that do not want their personal conversations and communication hacked in on by would be criminals or assailants. For professional use, these cannot be beat with the iVOX hands free communication without any need for headphones or anything as it has speakers that you can both hear and speak into.

Also, it includes eleven weather channels along with alert features so if you are hiking or camping you will be able to tune in to the forecast and be forewarned before anything dangerous occurs. Finally, it includes VibraCall, a very helpful vibration alert as well as twenty different call tones. With its 2.3 inch width and 1.4 inch height and.23 pounds of weight, it is easy to carry around and will fit in your pocket with ease and efficiency.

Family Company, Amerizon Wireless, Expands Operations and Creates Jobs

walkie talkie jaycarSo to carry on my run of content on this blog, I have planned to share one of our favorite posts this week. I was cautious to add it to the blog as I actually did not wish to offend the initial author, but I hope he/she is happy that I loved reading their article and planned to share it with my readers.

Amerizon Wireless, a 3rd generation family company headquartered in Fayetteville NC, has announced the acquisition of four locations in Eastern North Carolina. This marks another milestone for the company that had humble beginnings and is now the largest Authorized Motorola Solutions Dealer in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the sixth largest dealer in the US. The four locations previously owned by Radio One, a 24-year-old communications company, began operating as Amerizon Wireless of Garner, Greenville, Jacksonville, and Tarboro on January 1, 2014.

As a result of the company’s rapid growth, Amerizon is looking for individuals who hold the same values, have experience in the communications industry and have the same “attention to detail” ideals like its newest Market Manager, Kevin Wallace. Wallace served as the Director of Administrative Operations for the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office and CEO of Wallace Telecommunications for 25 years giving him existing knowledge and experience in this industry. Knowledge and experience are both important factors in many job openings that are still available at Amerizon.

“Amerizon has a long tradition of excellent customer service and integrity for its North Carolina customers,” said Amerizon Wireless President Marty Cayton. “As we expand our territory we maintain these core values. We are joining our expertise and technology with these new locations and their relationships, to even better serve our new customers in Eastern NC.”

Already maintaining three Motorola Solutions Elite sales and service centers in North Carolina, Amerizon plans on utilizing the newly acquired locations in support of their ongoing tradition of excellence in the communications field. Specializing in mission critical communications such as two Way Radios and Wireless Networking, all of the NC locations are Motorola Solutions Elite Service Centers and must be staffed with highly-trained salespeople, electronics technicians and installers to maintain high standards while serving new and pre-existing customers.

As Amerizon continues to serve the needs of customers all over the world, hire new employees into the Amerizon Family, and grow with the fast-paced communications industry, they maintain that the Amerizon Team is now better equipped, stronger than ever and ready to serve the needs of its customers worldwide.

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