How to Use Walkie Talkies

So i found this post on the internet and i heard that just posting it like a whole piece is not an excellent thing, I got consent from the original writer and read up ways to curate posts, so this is it…….i thought this was fascinating as it highlights some of the highs and lows that I encountered when i was working inside the business.

communication device hardwareA 2 way radio is basically used for two way communication. These radios are used in various applications mainly for the purpose of communication. These can be used in military organizations, in businesses, in hospitals, in shopping malls and for outdoor adventures.

This type of a radio can be used either in duplex or simplex mode. When a two Way Radio is used in a simplex mode, the communication can take place from only one side. This is very much like a telephone conversation where a user dials a number, waits for the other user to pick up the phone and then starts speaking. Almost the same happens in simplex communication. A radio first locates another one to which the data has to be sent. Once this radio has been located, the message is transferred over a single channel. When the other radio receives the message, it responds to the message by sending some data over the same channel that was used for sending data.

The other mode used for two way communication by a 2 way radio is the duplex mode. In this mode, data is sent and received at the same time over different channels. When one user locates another one, both can transmit data at the same time by using two different channels. This mode of transmission is a better mode as large data can be transferred at any given time.

When these radios are transmitting data, there might be times when they pick up noise or messages from other locations. When this happens, the message is not received clearly. There may also be times when a static frequency is picked up by the radio and the radio cannot transmit for that period of time. These problems have to be overcome so that messages can be sent and received clearly. This can be done by making use of various accessories that eliminate the noise or extra signals that the radio might have picked up. One way is to use hearing aids so that the message can be received clearly. Another option is to use induction loops in which messages can be sent by eliminating the noise. Yet another way of ensuring that these radios can be used for clear transmission is by using assistive listening systems. 2 way radios can also be used more effectively by using sound suppression techniques.

When 2 way radios are used in organizations where there is a lot of noise, it must be ensured that all sound producing elements are either removed or techniques must be used to suppress the noises. Also it must be ensured that the radios operate in a vibration mode when they are used in offices. When these radios are used in factories where noise level is very high, sound absorption panels must be installed so that the transmission of data takes place in a clear manner. Noise filtering can also be used to eliminate the extra noises or signals that have been picked up by the radio. Also one must try and use digital transmission when using the 2 way radios as this ensures that the data that is transmitted is very clear.


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