Motorola Solutions and Safeer Integrated Systems Unveil the New TETRA Products & Solutions during.

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Safeer Integrated Systems (SIS), UAE’s biggest and trusted name in the telecommunication industry and Motorola Solutions, market leaders providing telecommunication solutions, along withNEDAA Professional Communication Corporation, Dubai Network Operator Partner Professional Communication Corporation recently held the Motorola TETRA Solutions Roadshow at the prestigious Shangri-La Hotel in Dubai.
The roadshow showcased Motorola’s new TETRA Products & Solutions and elaborated on how it offers secure, reliable and efficient communications customized to meet the needs of all customers. The roadshow discussed in details the Motorola TETRA Walkie talkies & Accessories, third party applications for Motorola TETRA technology and the New Motorola TETRA releases.
Abdulla Al Falasi, Director Commercial Affairs, NEDAA stated “Motorola / Safeer Roadshow confirms the “Nedaa” uninterrupted endeavors to provide the latest to its valuable clients, a matter that indicates the keenness of the pioneer national Corporation to bring the latest global technologies to the UAE Market and to meet all the needs of its dealers by providing devices of high-value and quality, which are easy to use”.
SAFEER has been the solution integrator for Motorola Solutions for over twenty years. One of their most recent accomplishments is the installation of Motorola TETRA system at the biggest automated port in the world, such as DP World
Jihad Sulaiman, General Manager, Safeer Integrated Systems said “Recognizing the importance & strategic role of Nedaa as Professional Communication Corporation in providing one unified communication network, SAFEER Integrated Systems is proud of being a key contributor to Nedaa continuous endeavors in pursuit of excellence in the telecom industry”
Amer Achour, Sales Manager, Safeer Integrated Systems also added “UAE is no doubt one of the most competitive markets in the telecom industry; however we are confident that with our current strategies and partners we will ascend SAFEER to even a higher level”
Aside from the representatives of SAFEER, Motorola Solutions and NEDAA, the roadshow was attended by officials from Dubai Police, Dubai Airport, DEWA, Dubai Civil Defense, DP World, and Protocol Department typically use such products and solutions during their operations.

Why do Cops Still use Only Motorola 2 way radios for Communication

So to continue my run of content pieces on this website, I have planned to share one of our favourite articles this week. I was hesitant to add it to this site as I really didn’t want to offend the original writer, but I trust he/she is happy that I loved reading their article and planned to share it with my readers.

OK, you said ‘cops’ which isn’t a word we generally use here in the UK. We Brits traditionally tend to refer, politely, to our ‘boys in blue’ as ‘bobbies’ or ‘the old bill’.

Anyway, given that, I’m going to assume that you’re asking about the American police and their longstanding partnership with the Motorola Corporation. OK, here goes…

According to Motorola’s official website,

“Law enforcement communications and police communications are essential assets to the safety and security initiatives in any community. Advancing police communications allow law enforcement to be more mobile and more rapidly respond to issues. Motorola offers an extensive product line to enhance law enforcement communications with less paperwork and faster, highly reliable performance”.

Motorola manufactured car radios as early as the 1920’s and US police and the fire brigade used a few of these, but it wasn’t until 1930 that the first police car radio was designed and built by Motorola. According to the official website,

“Sales of Motorola police radios began in November 1930. Among the first customers (all in the U.S. state of Illinois) were the Village of River Forest; Village of Bellwood Police Department; City of Evanston Police; Illinois State Highway Police; and Cook County Police in the Chicago area. As more police departments used radios, challenges emerged. Rough roads, engine noises, interference, high power consumption, and frequency instability led Paul Galvin to recognize that police departments needed a radio specifically engineered for patrol cars”.

In 1936, the Motorola Police Cruiser Radio was released. It was a success and Motorola have been a trusted brand by US Police ever since. In 1939, engineer Don Mitchell created the Mobile T6920 AM Transmitter. It was another success, becoming a logical choice for the police because,
“This complete Motorola two-way radio system was priced about one-fourth as much as the competition’s, and the transmitters could be installed in cars that already had receivers in the same frequency band. In 1940 the Police Department in Bowling Green, Kentucky, became the first customer for a complete Motorola AM two-way radio system. The radios were so well-designed that Galvin Manufacturing produced the same models for several years, until FM technology replaced them in the 1940s”.

Clearly, the US police have a long and fruitful relationship with the Motorola Company. This obviously applies to 2 Way Radios as well. It makes good sense to employ a trusted, easy to use brand for successive generations of officers, who often have to respond swiftly and instinctively to various problems.
The first police to use two-way radios were actually Australian, but following the Second World War, mobile radios became standard issue in most first world countries.

Medford to spend $260,000 for portable radios

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The Medford City Council voted Thursday to spend almost $260,000 to upgrade communication gear used by the Fire Department.
The new portable Motorola radios will replace equipment that is nine years old and is no longer sold by Motorola.
Firefighters have two different radio models, and the purchase of the new equipment will improve communication and provide consistency with other emergency service providers in the area.
A total of 87 radios and auxiliary equipment will be purchased.
“These are made to survive high-heat environments,” Deputy Fire Chief Justin Bates said. “These radios are primarily portable motorola SL4000 two way radios carried around in fires and on other emergency calls.”
Bates said firefighters receive extensive training for all the equipment they use, so it’s important that they use the same model of communication device.
“They train to operate them in the dark or in a smoky environment,” Bates said. “When they turn a knob two times, they need to know what channel they are on.”
The new radios have large knobs that can be turned easily with the heavy gloves firefighters use.
Some of the features in the new radios are similar to older versions, such as internal electronics that don’t generate sparks.
On each fire engine, four radios are installed so that the entire crew has the ability to communicate. Sometimes off-duty firefighters are called in, and they need to have all their equipment ready to go.
“When someone hops on a fire engine, there’s a radio waiting for them,” Bates said.
The new equipment has noise cancellation technology that helps block out chainsaws and other background noise.
In addition, the %links%s are equipped with Bluetooth ear pieces that allow firefighters to understand what is being said at a noisy fire scene.
Bates said the older radio units will likely be sold to local fire agencies that still use them.

Roving volunteers will help stranded motorists on Springfield streets

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Beginning Tuesday, the Springfield Police Department has a Motorist Assist Program (MAP) staffed by volunteers. MAP’s mission is for trained volunteers to make contact with stranded motorists whose vehicles have become immobile on the streets of Springfield.

The volunteers will use the MAP vehicle to provide stranded motorists with cover and alert other motorists to use caution while driving past the stalled vehicle until it can be safely removed from the roadway.

The MAP vehicle is a white, unmarked police car equipped with amber overhead lights and door magnets that identify it as part of MAP.

All MAP volunteers undergo a background check and program training provided by the SPD. On-duty volunteers receive a Walkie Talkie, and police and dispatchers are able to see if a MAP volunteer is available in the event that they find someone with a stalled vehicle along a road.

The police department developed the program to render aid to citizens of Springfield and to allow officers to remain available for law enforcement duties and to respond to other calls for service. It is part of the SPDs Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program, which strives to build a better community through partnership.

Citizens interested in joining MAP or getting involved in other volunteer opportunities can call (417) 864-1351 or visit the volunteer page on the SPD website.

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