What is Ham Radio & How Does it Work

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Ham radio (so called because its operators were originally derided as being ‘hammy’ in the 19th century, when the technology first emerged) is a term that applies to any form of amateur radio broadcasting.

There are designated radio frequency spectra available solely for public use. Uses range from recreation to communication and the non-commercial exchange of ideas. ‘Hams’ take advantage of these frequencies in order to transmit any number of things

Strictly speaking, there should not be any money involved in amateur radio (hence the term ‘amateur’). Although the majority of Ham radio practitioners are actually extremely knowledgeable about radio technology (don’t let the ‘ham’ part fool you), they are not considered professionals because they do not profit from their endeavours. Conversely, commercial broadcasting involves (a lot of) money: royalties are paid, producers and performers are paid and the whole thing is ultimately a commercial exercise.

Hams use a large amount of frequency bands from all across the radio spectrum, but the majority of frequencies are to be found just above the AM band.

A lot of hams, however, use VHF FM, operating hand-held transceivers that send on one frequency and receive on another. Local radio clubs set up FM Repeaters (which borrow space from other broadcast devices such as towers and, in doing so, amplify the radio signal’s strength hundreds of times over), so that hams can communicate with each other wirelessly over a distance of hundreds of miles.

As an example of what hams get up to, here’s an excerpt from Gary Brown, of ‘How Stuff Works.com’

“Although a ham Walkie Talkie does broadcast in all directions, hams generally do not use their radios in a broadcast kind of way as a disk jockey would at a radio station. In normal AM or FM radio, one disk jockey transmits and thousands of people listen. Hams, on the other hand, conduct two-way conversations, often with another ham or with a group of hams in an informal roundtable. The roundtable of hams may be in the same town, county, state, country or continent or may consist of a mix of countries, depending on the frequency and the time of the day. Hams also participate in networks, often called nets, at predetermined times and frequencies to exchange third-party messages. In the case of disasters, hams exchange health and welfare information with other hams”.

To become a ham, I recommend that you join a club. You’ll need an amateur radio license, of course, but this won’t break the bank, I’m sure.

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Stadia with Kenwood Nexedge two Way Radio

With a lot information around the internet about two way radio baby monitor’s it’s hard to find the top and most honest articles. here’s an article from a good blog that i believe as factual, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

With tens of thousands of people attending individual stadium events for sport and entertainment, the challenges facing management, safety offices and emergency services are both large in scale and complex.

Reducing the risks of accidents, petty crime, anti-social behaviour, public disorder and even acts of terrorism while managing the efficient flow of spectators, participants, VIPs, vehicles, goods and services at multiple entry and exit points, especially in the event of a major incident, is a major logistical feat.

In most cases the burden of responsibility to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice and the safety and security of the stadium and those within it falls upon the Stadium Safety Officer. One of the most powerful assets at their disposal in implementating a stadium’s safety and security strategy during events is the ability for all cross functional teams to communicate with each other, their counterparts and the emergency services instantly, reliably and effectively anywhere on site.

While Kenwood analogue licensed and license-free PMR446 radios have already been proven in service at stadia and events around the world for many years, more and more facilities are upgrading to Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® trunked Digital Two-Way radio solutions to provide clear and reliable multi-user voice and data communications and the flexibility to design a scalable digital radio communications network to suit their range and capacity requirements. NEXEDGE® digital radios additionally feature Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode, which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios, whatever the make, to provide a straightforward and economical migration path from analogue to the benefits of advanced digital two way radio communications.

All NEXEDGE® hand portable walkie talkies additionally conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal for operation in open or harsh environments.

2 way radio Headset Information Info Details Data

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