Radio Vida

Some of these professional writers on the internet are at a really top level that i ponder if any of them have ever printed a book? so every so often i like to spotlight these superb items and here’s one i thought was fascinating the other day.

Years and years pass by and the Radio is still booming. The World’s population is climbing daily.

All of the people in this world and there is NOTHING to listen to on the Radio! Stop, turning the dial on your radio, the answer has finally arrived.

The problem is with finding a decent radio station is that all of the radio stations now are too flooded with traffic. With so many people listening at once there’s no way you’re going to hear what you want because everyone is requesting something else to be played.

This is where Radio Vida comes in. Radio Vida which is Radio Life in English, is a growing group of Spanish radio stations all over the world.

Radio Vida is a great set of stations for all listeners alike. You don’t have to be a ‘radio only’ kind of person to enjoy the music played. The number one thing that Radio Vida aims for is the happiness of the listeners. If you were to call in and request something they would be sure to get to it before they stopped playing for the night.

Of course, you don’t have to listen to a great radio station if you didn’t want to, after all it’s just that racket in the background. WRONG! Radio Vida is much more then just some music playing in the background. Radio Vida is becoming a way of life. The question is will you jump on the train when it comes your way, or will you let it pass you by?

Radio Vida has stations all over the world. Portugal, Spain, including areas in the U.S. such as California and Arizona, as well as various other places throughout the world. In some places Radio Vida has changed their programming around a bit to present the truth of gospel as its main objective.

Well, what kind of music do they play at Radio Vida? It is all Hispanic music, mixed into the Hispanic music is a portion of Pon Tu Mirada en Jesus. Also thrown into the mix at Radio Vida is El Tiempo de Dios. Now, not only is gospel music being played, but also music concerning health issues and problems.

So now that you have proof that these stations are filled with everything the Hispanic community wants, tune your radio stations and enjoy the music.

Many radio stations have watched what Radio Vida is doing and are starting to follow. Stations such as, Radio Arte has begun reaching out to teens in the Hispanic community. They are the first bilingual (Spanish/English) youth-operated community station in the U.S., being in Chicago.

The program was completed one hundred percent by the youth. From broadcasting to reporting, teens get the perfect dose of what they need. Well, what else do I have to tell you. Radio Vida is out there just waiting for you to grab a listen. So go to website now and listen to one of these amazing Spanish gospel music, you will not be disappointed, that’s a promise!

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