Why Two way radios Could Make a Comeback

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The advantages of the latest two way radio gadgets are substantial. They cannot be replaced by any other gadgets because of the specific benefits they offer. Two way radios have maintained their value despite much technological advancement which has led to the emergence of tablets and smart-phones. Let’s discuss the benefits of using a two way radio gadgets over some of todays “newer” technologies.

Disaster response
In case of a major disaster, they may be the best gadgets to communicate with since they may not experience any overload. You can use a two way radio to offer help, give out warnings and even look for your loved ones. Try using a cell phone when towers are down and signals are blocked by interference. Good luck.

Quick task or schedule changing
You can effectively integrate the devices if you run a business. You can use it to assign projects as they occur, reschedule or delegate work to your staff easily and promptly. This reduces backtracking and the time it takes to locate workers which can lead to an increase in productivity.

Improved efficiency
You can two Way Radios to communicate with many people at the same time without speaking to them individually. This is beneficial as it saves time and reduces the possibilities of delays. Improved efficiency lowers the incidence of misunderstanding as well as the consequent errors.

Low operating costs
You do not have to purchase airtime to use them since there are no per-minute charges. Once you purchase the gadgets, they will keep giving you the service you need implying that you can save on maintenance and mileage costs. Thus, you will save a lot of money in addition to using them for various leisure activities and profitable ventures. No more saving your minutes for emergencies.

Instant access
Everyone with the gadget and within the range of a repeater can hear your messages clearly. You will not have to look for a number to communicate with anyone who has the radio. All you have to do is press a button and your message will be received by everyone within that specific frequency. Moreover, you will not have to wait for other people after pushing the talk button and it will reduce the go-between-time as with a cell phone you must wait for a call to connect. Did I mention no dropped calls?

Faster response
Two way radios will allow you to communicate with people faster and easier since they are required (assuming you’re using for business use) to carry their gadgets all the time. You may request a faster response from a person if the go-between time is short. With this, you will communicate your message faster and get a response within seconds.

Easy to use
The radios features are simple and easy to use. The user is required to press a specific button to communicate with other people. Since the gadget is specifically designed for communication, it lacks other additional features which make it easier to use, and less distracting.

Stronger signal catching
Their signals are very strong allowing people to communicate more frequently. The signal-range allows both the transmitter and the receiver to stay connected. Some (consumer) two way radios offer ranges as far as 30 miles. You can literally talk to someone across town with a two way radio.

Recreational purposes
This is the fun part of these gadgets. They are used by family and friends to stay connected whilst camping, hiking or during road trips.

Commercial and security uses
The motorola SL4000 radio (http://stevegsltsz.wordpress.com)s are used in radio centres for signal checking and data transmission activities. They are also commonly used in military camps where communication is crucial. Army men are expected to stay connected with the main camp for any necessary updates. These gadgets maintain the connection between them keeping everyone updated all the time.

Two way radio gadgets from two way radio shop have many of the benefits explained above. However, remember to carry several extra batteries when going for a long vacation since their batteries can’t be recharged. Or purchase a set with a built in battery. So, give it a try and see if it works for you.

Utility supplies License-free portable Two way radio pt2

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The system uses asynchronous (half duplex) communication and leverages compression algorithms to support voice over 2 Way Radio comms, according to Theatro’s Todd. Theatro also buffers all broadcasts between users to ensure they do not miss any communication due to crosstalk or simultaneous broadcasts — so a solid Wi-Fi network is a key component.

A connection to the Internet is required at this point. If a store loses power or loses its Web connection, the system stops working. The Container Store’s Thrailkill says an “offline mode,” or mode that lets the wearables work on the Wi-Fi network even if the Internet connection is down, is a requirement before a large-scale rollout. Todd says the company is working on this offline mode, and it should be available in the second quarter of 2014.

The wearables can also be remotely updated, so Theatro can easily add new features and functionality.

The Container Store and the Theatro Wearable

After working closely with Theatro for more than a year to develop the product, The Container Store deployed the Theatro Wearable Computer in its Austin store to about 35 employees.

The training process for new users was painless, according to Thrailkill. “It takes about 10 minutes for us to train them on this tool, and then within that first shift they’re using it very well. It’s pretty intuitive and we’ve been very, very pleased with how quickly people take to it.”

Thrailkill and his team also distributed laminated cards, listing all required voice commands, to new users for future reference.

The first time The Container Store employees use the Theatro wearable, they create a profile and then walk through a few quick exercises to ensure the gadgets can recognize their voices.

When an employee arrives at work, he picks up a wearable from the charging station, inserts the wired ear piece, presses the center button to initiate a voice command and logs on by saying, “log on John Thrailkill.” As soon as a new user is connected, all other staffers on the network get a message to notify them that a person has joined. When they want to communicate with someone, they press the center button again and say another command with a worker’s name. When the employees are ready to leave for the day, they drop the wearables off at the charging station. (The devices take about 45 minutes to fully charge.)

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