BearCom Details How 2 way radios Enhance Efficiency and Safety in Security Operations

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BearCom, a nationwide provider of wireless communications equipment and solutions, today detailed the key role played by the instant, one-to-many communications of two-way radios in the success of security operations.

“In security, speed of information flow among staff members is critical, which makes Walkie Talkie an essential tool,” said Hugh Johnston, Product & Purchasing Manager at BearCom. “When responding to an injury, altercation or crime, seconds matter; and two-radios make possible communications that are not only instant, but ones audible across entire talk groups.”

Johnston noted the significant impact of security operations on a wide range of corporate and public-sector organizations. Private security operations patrol everything from corporate complexes to shopping malls to residential neighborhoods. The public today is just as likely to encounter private security officers as members of a police force. Public events of all kinds also have security needs. In these cases, organizers often rent two-radio radios and other equipment they require only for the duration of their events.

“The critical nature of security communications requires communications equipment that is simple and easy to use,” said Johnston. “Other must-haves include durability, long battery life, clear audio, and good coverage.”

Johnston recommended security operations consider several radios from Motorola Solutions, such as the Motorola CLS1110 and Motorola CLS1410, as well as the CLP Series, which includes the Motorola CLP1010, Motorola CLP1040, and Motorola CLP1060.

Motorola CLS Series two-way radios are compact, lightweight, and compatible with a variety of accessories. They also are affordable, which lets companies purchase larger fleets at lower costs. Simplified charging and cloning make CLS radios easy to manage, and they are so simple to use that little or no training is required.

Motorola CLP Series radios are even smaller and lighter. Their design integrates an earpiece, which makes for even more discreet communications. The CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060 are very easy to use, as they integrate only the essential elements. For larger areas of coverage, CLP radios can be integrated with repeaters to further improve their range.

Reliable and instant communication is vital to successful security operations and the safety of security personnel. “two Way Radio are an irreplaceable tool for critical communications,” Johnston said. “The time that it takes to dial a cell phone or type a text is time that security personnel cannot afford to lose.”

For more information about Motorola CLS and CLP Series two-way radios for security operations, please visit or call 800.527.1670.

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