GPS Tracking Solution helping unsuspecting Geologists in Australia

The basis of this post is to make you consider what in life is important and what does getting the up-to-date motorola really represent to us

2 way radio beckley wvThe handset, a Motorola Mototrbo, along with a central integrated monitoring software solution allows you to monitor unsuspecting personnel out in the field and be on call to assist should a potential danger or crisis evolve.

These are just two examples in a world where potential crisis is only a moment away. With GPS tracking and an alert system in place you can give your team in the field the re-assurance that they are only a moment away from requesting assistance, even in the most remote of locations.

This technology came into its own when a team of Geologists, working for a mining exploration team in the deserts of South Australia bedded down for the night. They then woke the following morning to find that a flash flood has marooned them, turning the hill they are camped on into an island surrounded by a lake that extends as far as the eye can see.
Thinking that the flood will recede as fast as it started, they prepare to enjoy the unexpected break.

The only means of communication they had was their Motorola 2 Way Radio, with embedded GPS transmitter and a mobile cell phone. They were able to contact their HQ by sending an SMS text and they were located by the position transmitted by their handheld radio.
Once the position was determined the crisis management team immediately dispatches a helicopter, and the stranded team were successfully found and taken home.
In this scenario, the GPS tracking solution was able to assist the team that had already ran into a Crisis situation, but it can also be used to prevent crisis situations evolving. By monitoring troops in the field a central team can quickly advise the team of the ground of any suspecting natural or unnatural disaster they are about to walk into and advise them of alternative routes.

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